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ResearchRoss Kelso’s research interests include:

• The design and economics of future broadband networks;
• User application of technology and services; and
• Revisiting assumptions underpinning national policy and regulatory regimes affecting telecommunications and broadcasting.

Other interests impacting on society at large include:

• The development of innovative ‘last mile’ community telecommunication networks; and
• The retrospective undergrounding of electricity distribution infrastructure.

Doctoral Proposal

Doctoral Proposal
The overall research question I’ve set myself is this: What are the technical, commercial and policy settings required for achieving open access to next generation broadband networks that best serve national and community needs?

In undertaking this project, I am examining the following secondary questions:

1. How is it possible to build open access into next generation networks from the outset?

2. How can open access co-exist with incentives to deploy next generation broadband infrastructure?

3. What factors are key to achieving a viable common carriage business operation utilizing next generation broadband technology?

Broadband Futures

For now, this area is under development as my ideas crystallise, however for starters have a closer look at CENIC's One Gigabit or Bust™ Initiative which addresses critical technical, policy, financial and organization challenges facing the delivery of one gigabit broadband to all Californians by 2010. Also see Dewayne on the Gigabit Initiative.

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