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PublicationsPublications & Conference Presentations

(Many documents produced by CIRCIT or CIRCIT@RMIT may still be found via the Wayback Machine Internet Archive, although access can be rather slow; go to and search for "". Unfortunately not all links were archived)

“Telecommunications turmoil?”, Telecommunications Journal of Australia, Vol.57, No.2, 2007 Paper [acrobat PDF: 118 Kb]

Access to Next Generation Broadband”, Communications Research & Strategy Forum 2006, Sydney, 25 September 2006. Powerpoint [ PPT: 177 Kb]

“Needed: Next gen broadband for our next generation”, Exchange newsletter, Vol.18, No.15, 28 April 2006. Paper [acrobat PDF: 246 Kb] See Page 10

“Accessing the Foxtel/Telstra network: an open and shut case”, Communications Research & Strategy Forum 2005, Sydney, 21-22 November 2005. Powerpoint [ PPT: 193 Kb] Paper [acrobat PDF: 107 Kb]

Submission to Inquiry into the Telstra (Transition to Full private ownership) Bill 2005 and related bills, September 2005. Submission No. 12

Submission to Inquiry into the performance of the Australian telecommunications regulatory regime, April 2005.  Submission No. 31Transcript of interview, 21 April 2005, pages ECITA 75 to 79

Submission to Inquiry into Structure of Telstra, House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, February 2003. {Co-authored with John Murphy and John Burke} Submission No. 39

Submission to Inquiry into the Australian Telecommunications Network, Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts References Committee, 16 August 2002. {Co-authored with John Murphy and John Burke}. Transcript of interview, 27 November 2002, pages ECITA 109 to 125.

“Community Investment in Telecommunication Infrastructure: Benefits and Barriers”, Communications Research Forum 2002, Canberra 2-3 October 2002. {Peer Reviewed}
Abstract Paper [acrobat PDF: 183 Kb]

Independent expert advice to WestOne Services in connection with the “Access to Bandwidth for Connectivity” Project, 2002.

High Bandwidth Networks for Schools: Lessons from Overseas Case Studies”, Telecommunications Journal of Australia, Vol. 52, No. 1, 2002.
[acrobat PDF: 171 Kb]

“The Future of Interconnection Arrangements in Australian Telecommunications Networks: A Discussion Paper for the ACCC”, Report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, April 2002. {Co-authored with David Prater, Terry Laidler and Liz Harper}

“Fibre Infrastructure for Schools of Tomorrow”, PTC2002 conference Next Generation Communications: Making IT Work, Hawaii, 16 January 2002. {Peer Reviewed}
Abstract (Paper W.2.1.3)
Paper [acrobat PDF: 95 Kb]

Innovative Bandwidth Arrangements for the Australian Education and Training Sector – Stage 1: Assessment of Overseas Approaches”, Report to DETYA, August 2001.

Deaf Australia Online II: final report”, Report to DCITA, 2001 {Major contribution} [acrobat PDF: 907 Kb]

The User Perspective on Government Electronic Service Delivery (ESD)”, CIRCIT Research Report No 29, 2001 {Co-authored with Supriya Singh, Annette Ryan, Terry Laidler, John Burke and Alistair Tegart} [acrobat PDF: 183 Kb]

The User Perspective on Government Electronic Service Delivery (ESD) - Supporting Material”, CIRCIT Report, 2001. {Co-authored with Alistair Tegart, Annette Ryan, Supriya Singh, Terry Laidler and John Burke} [acrobat PDF: 757 Kb]

E-mail for All”, CIRCIT Report, 2001. {Major contribution}

Submission to Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation, Senate Environment, Communications, Information Technology and the Arts Committee, 4 May 2001. Reference to Submission 114 (Go to Appendix 1),
Submission Copy [acrobat PDF: 137 Kb]

Digital TV and Datacasting: Opportunities for Education and Training”, report to TAFE Frontiers, October 2000. {Co-authored with Dr Marsha Berry and Reece Lamshed}

Speaker and Panel Member at forum “Bandwidth and Melbourne: Wired for Success”, Committee for Melbourne, Melbourne Town Hall, 27 July 2000 (Note: very slow download).

Submission to the Telecommunications Service Inquiry, 31 May 2000. {Co-authored with John Murphy} [acrobat PDF: 25 Kb]

"National Approaches to Meeting the Communication Needs of Rural and Remote Users", CIRCIT Working Paper 1999/1. [acrobat PDF: 218 Kb]

"Designing for Australia's Online Future", CIRCIT 1998 Policy Forum Report. {Co-authored with Claudia Slegers and Dianne Northfield} [acrobat PDF: 380 Kb]

“Monitoring the Effective Use of Online Services”, IQPC Conference Government Online, Singapore, 19 August 1998. {Co-authored with John Burke} Related Copy presented at 1998 Information Industry Outlook Conference, Canberra, 7 November 1998.

Australia’s Progress Towards Effective Use of Online Services: Monitoring policy outcomes and market developments”, CIRCIT Strategic Research Report, August 1998. {Prime author John Burke}

“Putting the Viewer into the Picture: A Fairer Approach to Re-transmission of Broadcast Television over Cable TV Networks”, Submission No. 74 to Inquiry into the Broadcasting Services Amendment Bill 1998 by the Senate Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts Legislation Committee, 14 August 1998.
Reference on Page 20 (ERC&A 314). Key points summarised in paras 4.52-4.56 of Senate Committee Report

Deregulation Issues for Communications”, Australian Local Government Yearbook 1998.[acrobat PDF: 84 Kb]

“Study of the Law of Internet Commercial Transactions: An Issues Analysis and Literature Review”, CIRCIT, March 1997. {Co-authored with Jane Vaughan and Tanya Sewards; also project manager} Issues Analysis [acrobat PDF: 552 Kb] and Literature Review [acrobat PDF: 375 Kb].

“Interfacing with the Online World: Pay TV, Broadband, Standards and Access”, Media & Telecommunications Policy Group @ RMIT, January 1997. {Edited with Professor Mark Armstrong}
Ancillary Reference

Opening up Access to Broadband Media Services”, Communications Research Forum 1996, Bureau of Transport Communications & Economics, Melbourne 28-29 October 1996. [acrobat PDF: 359 Kb]

Viewer Control and Pay-TV: The shift in the balance of viewer control in a new era of broadcasting”, 40 Years of Television Conference, National Centre for Australian Studies, Monash University, 12-13 April, 1996.

Submission to Inquiry into the Regulation of Computer On-Line Services, Senate Select Committee on Community Standards Relevant to the Supply of Services Utilising Electronic Technologies, 18 October 1995.
[acrobat PDF: version of scanned hard copy]

Feasibility Study into a Community Cable Network for Melbourne, “Connecting the Community”, Report by The Open Channel Co-operative, May 1995. {Author Reece Lamshed, but contract supervised & final report edited in detail}

Occasional Comments from Telecom Australia regarding the CCG Issues Paper, Copyright Convergence Group Seminar, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 23 June 1994. {Co-authored with A. Moyle of Freehill Hollingdale & Page}

“Centennial Park Cable Television Pilot”, Consumers Perspectives on New Media, Communications Law Centre, Power House Museum, Sydney, 9 March 1994. {Co-authored with D. Pitt}

Panel Guest at Seminar “Connecting the Cultures”, Freehill Hollingdale & Page, Sydney, 9 December 1993.

“Telecom's Cable TV Pilot Project”, Telecommunications Law & Policy Review, Vol.1 No.9, Oct/Nov 1993, p 105-107.
[acrobat PDF: version of scanned hard copy]

Discussant at Workshop “Protecting Your Property Rights in New Communications - Signals, Programs and Technology”, CAMLA, Sydney, 22 September 1993.

“Video Convergence - I've seen the Future and it Works!”, Communications Research Forum (Bureau of Transport Communications & Economics), 30-31 August 1993.
[acrobat PDF: version of scanned hard copy]

“Migrating Today Towards a Broadband Future”, IIR Conference on Pay TV & Subscription Services, Golden Gate Park Plaza, Sydney, 26 August 1992.
[acrobat PDF: version of scanned hard copy]

“The Future Through Australia's Telecommunications Infrastructure”, Submission to the Senate Select Committee on Subscription Television Broadcasting Services concerning Part 7 of the Broadcasting Services Bill 1992, 31 July 1992 Submission
[acrobat PDF: version of scanned hard copy]
Supplementary Submission of 4 September 1992
[acrobat PDF: version of scanned hard copy]

“Cabling Australia for Television, & More ...”, AIC 4th Annual Conference on Australian Pay Television, The Sydney Boulevard Hotel, 10 March 1992. Also published under the same title in Telecommunication Journal of Australia, Vol 42 No 1, 1992
[acrobat PDF: version of scanned hard copy]

“Network Planning for the Introduction of Digital Switching Systems with Distributed Control”, Proceedings of the International Switching Symposium (ISS'81) Montreal,21-25 Sept 1981. {Co-authored with F. Alvarez Casas and C. Tirado Montero}

“Network Planning, Design & Implementation of the Common Channel Signalling Network”, Telecommunication Journal of Australia, Vol 36 No 3, 1986 {Co-authored with D.Tong}

Other WritingsOther Writings (unavailable - ‘In Confidence’)

Independent expert advice to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in connection with the arbitration by the ACCC of the access disputes between C7 Pty Ltd (Access Seeker) and Telstra Multimedia Pty Limited (Access Provider), Foxtel Management Pty Ltd and Foxtel Cable Television Pty Ltd (Access Provider), and Foxtel Partnership (Telstra Media Pty Ltd, Sky Cable Pty Ltd and Foxtel Management Pty Ltd as their agent (Access Provider), 2002.

“Metropolitan Broadband Strategy: Building Access, Building and Planning Codes”, Report to Multimedia Victoria, April 2002. {Co-authored with David Prater and Terry Laidler}

“Concept Study for a Victorian Telecommunications Atlas”, Report to Multimedia Victoria, 2001. {Co-authored with Liz Harper}

Affidavits supporting the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in the Federal Court action by Foxtel Management Pty Ltd, December 1999 to February 2000.

Independent expert advice to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission in connection with access disputes between Television and Radio Broadcasting Services Australia Pty Ltd and Telstra Multimedia Pty Ltd, 2000.

“Technical Assessment of the Mt Sugarloaf Communication Site”, Report to NSW Department of Land & Water Conservation, February 2000.

Australian Local Government Association Submission on the Review of the Telecommunications (Low Impact Facilities) Determination 1997, February 1999. {Co-authored with Heather Neil}

"Effect on the City of Melbourne of Undergrounding Telecommunications Services", report to the City of Melbourne by Communications Innovations Ltd, November 1998. {Co-authored with John Murphy and others.}

“Retrospective Undergrounding of Utilities within the City of Melbourne: Position Paper”, Report to the City of Melbourne, 19 June 1998.

“Information and Communications Services (ICS) Infrastructure Strategy: Issues Paper 2.2”, Report to Hobart City Council, April 1997. {Co-authored with Stratagem Infobase Pty Ltd and Urban Spatial and Economic Consultants Pty Ltd.}

CitationsCitations of Published Works

Oakley, Kate. “EGovernment: an international study of online government”, commissioned by Cable & Wireless Communications, UK. (In Chapter 2.)
[Other entries are work in progress]



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