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Since 1996, Ross Kelso (ABN: 26 481 401 847) has provided quality independent consulting services addressing a diverse range of client requirements within the areas of telecommunications strategy, policy and regulation, as well as the social and economic aspects of information and communication technology and services.

Clients have included:

• Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
Australian Flexible Learning Framework
• Australian Local Government Association

Central Ranges Local Learning & Employment Network

• City of Melbourne (through CI Ltd)
• DCITA (through CIRCIT)
• EdNA (through CIRCIT)
• Hobart City Council (through Stratagem Infobase Pty Ltd and Urban Spatial and Economic Consultants Pty Ltd.)
• Multimedia Victoria (through CIRCIT)
• National Office for the Information Economy
• NSW Dept of Land & Water Conservation (through CIRCIT)
• TAFE Frontiers (through CIRCIT)
• UrbisJHD
• Various local governments in NSW, Victoria and South Australia
• WestOne Services (through Peter Farr Consultants Australasia Pty Ltd)

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