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Ross KelsoFull Name

Douglas Ross KELSO

Tertiary Education

Graduate Diploma in Media, Communications & Information Technology Law, Melbourne University
Master of Engineering Science, University of Queensland
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), University of Queensland
Doctor of Philosophy, Queensland University of Technology

Awards & Scholarships

Air Training Corps Flying Scholarship
Queensland University of Technology Postgraduate Research Award (current)
Telecom Australia Development Training Award

Association Memberships

Communications and Media Law Association
Consumers’ Telecommunications Network
Internet Society of Australia (Director)
Officer Training Unit Association

Telecommunication Society of Australia

Career Achievements

  • Practised media commentator on telecommunication matters, appearing on ABC radio, ABC television and SBS television on multiple occasions.
  • Election to Council of the Consumers' Telecommunications Network, 2004-2006.
  • Elected to the Board of the Consumers’ Telecommunications Network, November 2004 and then as Chair, November 2007.
  • Appeared before Senate Inquiry into the Australian Telecommunications Network, November 2002.
  • Appeared before Senate Inquiries into the Australian Telecommunications Network, November 2002 and the performance of the Australian telecommunications regulatory regime, April 2005.
  • Elected as a Director of the Internet Society of Australia.
  • Produced a detailed research report on innovative bandwidth arrangements for the Australian education and training sector; presented findings to the Australian Information and Communications Technology in Education Committee.
  • Chief Examiner of MBA subject on International Telecommunications Management for APESMA/Deakin University.
  • Chaired an International Conference in Singapore on Government Online Services Delivery.
  • Provided expert advice to the Putting Cables Underground Working Group, established by the Department of Communications and the Arts.
  • Successfully lobbied for major changes to the Telecommunications Act and associated Codes for reduction of carrier power and immunities on behalf of the Australian Local Government Association.
  • Appeared before Senate Inquiry into the Sale of Telstra on behalf of the Australian Local Government Association.
  • Appeared as guest speaker at the State Industry Dinner & Awards Night, Master Builders Association of Tasmania, 1995; audience of 500 persons.
  • Produced a detailed research report examining the legislative, technical and competition issues affecting conditional access for both subscribers of and service providers to broadband media services.
  • Provided expert advice on all legal and regulatory aspects pertaining to the introduction of a Cable Television network by a dominant carrier, with particular emphasis on development of a basic carriage service tariff and approval by the Australian Broadcasting Authority and Austel.
  • Undertook high-level negotiations on behalf of Telstra both with Cable TV content providers as well as intending service providers.
  • Managed project team that evaluated preferred Set Top Unit and Head End supplier; submitted detailed recommendation to senior management.
  • Contributed to development of Cable TV standards for multi-dwelling units, band planning, etc.
  • Personally prepared and presented papers to large audiences on Cable TV strategies and plans, including the SMPTE'95 Conference (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers); in addition, gave dozens of lesser presentations to Government agencies and community groups.
  • Maintained high level representation to Government (Department of Communication and Arts, Attorney Generals), agencies (Austel, Spectrum Management Authority, Australian Broadcasting Authority), public fora and consumer groups (Telstra Consumer Council, Consumers Telecommunications Network, Communications Law Centre, CIRCIT).
  • Represented Telstra as co-member of interim board of Victorian Co-operative Multimedia Centre (later eMERGE).
  • Co-managed first-ever Australian pilot of Cable TV in a typical residential locality, concentrating on service activation, service delivery and content provision aspects.
  • Sponsored first-ever Australian community television channel delivered via cable in Sydney, and managed feasibility study into a similar creation for Melbourne.
  • Co-ordinated original Telstra ADSL ('Mediastream') trial planning during its concept and strategic positioning phases, including initial negotiation over broadcast and interactive content.
  • Initiated and followed-through original business plan for a Telstra national Cable TV system, with particular emphasis on strategic and economic justification, technical design, tariff and market acceptance; produced papers to the Board.
  • Co-ordinated production of two Telstra Divisional Strategic Business Plans (Financial and Marketing), aligned specific initiatives to senior management accountabilities and presented plans to Board.
  • Established corporate policy for rationalising Telstra’s internal communications (telephonic and LAN) and produced implementation plan; this initiative saved at least $200M over the first three years.
  • Determined economic justification and then produced strategic plan for network modernisation, finally prepared business plan for submission to the Telstra Board.
  • Awarded a Telecom Australia Development Training Award to work at the ITT (now Alcatel) Laboratories in Madrid, Spain, for 18 months.

EmploymentEmployment Profile

Provision of consulting services to various clients

Executive Manager L2, Connectivity Policy, Broadband Advisory Group, National Office for the Information Economy

Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for International Research on Communications and Information and Technologies at RMIT University.

Chief Examiner and Study Guide Author for Unit 421 of the APESMA/Deakin University MBA in Technology Management.

Manager - Cable Relocation, Banyule City Council.

Visiting Research Fellow at Media & Telecommunications Policy Group, RMIT.

Telstra Multimedia/Network Technology, Executive Manager; contribution to strategic plan for Telstra Multimedia Group, member of interim board of Victorian Co-operative Multimedia Centre, development of RMIT 'I-Cubed' proposal, participation in Telstra Multimedia Standards Advisory Group, presentation to SMPTE'95 Conference, completion of Open Channel consultancy with publication of 'Connecting the Community' (on community cable television).

Telecom Australia, Commercial & Consumer Strategy/Network & Technology Group, Executive Manager responsible for business development of 'Residential Video/Pay Television' in Telstra; key result areas being: strategy development, technology options, legal & regulatory, field trial development, sponsor of Community Cable TV channel, project studies & issues management, overseas visit to USA late 1994 (Western Cable Show, Federal Communications Commission, Cable Vision Systems, Hewlett Packard, TCI). Also contributions to Broadband Services Expert Group (BSEG).

Telecom Australia, Telecom Residential & Network Services, Strategy & Business Planning, Executive Manager - Strategy: responsible for production of the Divisional Strategic Business Plans, Strategic Business Monitor, alignment of initiatives to accountabilities & action plans; development of the initial Cable TV business case.

Telecom Australia, Network & Consumer Service Sub-Division (later Telecom Residential & Network Services), Strategy & Business Planning Unit, as Manager -Network Studies Branch, responsible for internal communications policy, business cases, R&D; Inter-Exchange Network study, business plans & budget review, Review of Structural Arrangements study into Network Competitiveness, studies into metropolitan network strategies, investments, architecture & development guidelines and performance via the Network Investment Framework Task Force.

Telecom Australia, Public Network Services Planning Branch-Supervising Engineer; responsible for determining economics of & strategies for network modernisation, followed by preparation of its business plan.
[prior professional experience omitted for sake of brevity]

Professional StudyProfessional Overseas Study Tours

Travelled to Hawaii to attend the PTC2002 conference Next Generation Communications: Making IT Work and presented a paper: Fibre Infrastructure for Schools of Tomorrow.

Travelled for four weeks throughout Canada, the United States of America and Sweden investigating the case of innovative bandwidth arrangements for the Australian education and training sector.

Travelled to Canada to attend the CANARIE 6th Annual Advanced Networks Workshop in Montreal, Quebec; thereafter travelled to the United States of America to hold discussions with officials of School District 81, Spokane.

Travelled to Singapore to chair, and present a paper at the IQPC conference: Government Online – Optimising Delivery of Government Services Through Online Information Technology.

Travelled to the United States of America to attend the Western Cable Show, to hold technical discussions with Hewlett Packard, TCI and Cable Vision Systems, and to hold policy discussions with the Federal Communications Commission.

Travelled to Europe to hold technical discussions in Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom with various telecommunications companies.

Worked in ITT (now Alcatel) Laboratories, Madrid (Spain) on network planning for the introduction of digital telephony systems; Telecom Development Training Award, travelled also to research centres in France and Germany.

A Proud Legacy
A short piece about my father.

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