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“Telstra shoots itself in the foot”, The Australian Financial Review (page 63), 7 August 2007. Paper [Acrobat PDF: 25 Kb]

“Telstra has more tricks up sleeve“, The Australian Financial Review (page 63), 8 August 2006. Paper [Acrobat PDF: 19 Kb]

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Three comments to Ambit Gambit blog of 22 July 2004 about “Two good reasons for investors and governments to sell Telstra”.

Fels to move on Telstra, Foxtel”, The Age Business, Page 3, 2 June 2003. Interviewed by Sue Cant.

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14 October 1996, “The Cable Guys”, ABC TV – Four Corners. Archive reference.

31 October 1993, “Launch of the Community Channel”, Metro Television, Sydney. Video footage. For background information, see “Open Access Cable: Community Television and Cable History”. (A technical reference to the underpinning cable television network can be found in the paper by John Griffin, "Centennial Park Residential Video Pilot", Telecommunication Journal of Australia, Vol.43, No.3, 1993, pp. 37-44.)

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