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LinksABOVE the CROWD newsletter is prepared by Bill Gurley and focuses on the evolution and economics of high-technology business and strategy.

CANARIE-NEWS comes from Canada's advanced Internet development organization.

COOK Report on Internet is a monthly newsletter focusing on the technology and policy complexities of Internet infrastructure development. Summary of content.

i, cringely is a weekly column from Robert X. Cringely. Receive notification of new columns.

INTERESTING PEOPLE is a mailing list run by Dave Farber.

LINK is an email discussion list for people interested in the development of the Internet in Australia although its strays from time to time into wider issues of communication (and sometimes serves a lot of ‘noise’).

SMART Letter is published by once every few weeks to keep abreast of Stupid Network issues. Joining the SMART List. Also, Isenberg’s blog.

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